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Social Media: Best Time to Post for Maximal Visibility

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Social Media: Best Time to Post for Maximal Visibility

Social media sites have become a mainstay in people’s lives. These days, people now use it as their main form of communication. They use it to catch up with one another or to collaborate on tasks, important or not. Additionally, they also use it to meet new people and find others who share their interests.

Businesses also recognize the importance of such a tool. That’s why they do their best to promote their services and content on social media sites. One important factor that they need to factor in is the time though. Posting at the right time gives maximum exposure which in turn brings more interaction and leads.

So when is the best time to post really? It may come as no surprise that it will vary depending on the social networking site used. This is because while every site caters to diverse audiences, there are those that cater to certain audiences better. LinkedIn, for example, has more professionals than any other sites. Multiply, likewise, has more facilities for merchants and buyers. For an insight as to what time works best for each site, please refer to the facts below.

Social Media Sites


Facebook is the largest social media platform currently on the web. With close to 2 billion monthly users to date, posting at the right time could rake in a ton of profit. With the help of the Facebook Developer Tools, specifically Facebook insights, it was found out that the best time to post is 6 to 8 AM and 2-5 PM. These times are indeed plausible as these are before and after the typical work hours. In addition, Facebook Insights has also shared that the worst time to post would be weekends and anywhere from 10PM to 4AM.


It is said that the best times to post on LinkedIn are on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the peak times being noon and 5 to 6PM. Additionally, the worst time to post is 10PM to 6AM on weekdays. It is worth noting that 41% of readers are using mobile devices.


55% of tweets with pictures are said to end up in leads. Given this statistic, it is all the more important to post during the peak times of 9AM to 3PM on weekdays except Friday. In addition, focusing on the 1 to 3PM timeframe is said to be the best. In contrast, tweeting Fridays 3PM up won’t do any good.

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