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Beginning SEO: Simple Tips for Beginners

beginning seo

Beginning SEO: Simple Tips for Beginners

Beginning SEO

If you are reading this, chances are you have a website and are looking to get more traffic to it. SEO or search engine optimization/optimizer is the answer to all your problems. It will get natural traffic to your site or blog without any cost. In this article, you will be introduced to many simple but effective methods of turning your site attractive to search engines, thus giving you the traffic you require. Beginning SEO correctly, after all, is key to long-term success.


1. You should regularly update your content. It is a necessity to rank high in the search engines. Updated content will also entice the visitors to come back. Having a blog will make things even less difficult because they are automatically updated after every post. Everybody loves fresh content, most especially the search engines. Not only that, the content you add should also be relevant to your site or blog. After all, that is what the visitors are after.

If you follow this instruction, search engines will give you the due attention you demand. The most important thing is that people will keep returning to your site and may very well tell others about it. In contrast, a site that doesn’t update becomes boring. It will also degrade if your content is not right or is of no use to others. All your hard work will be wasted if you lose your fans.

2. Don’t forget that money doesn’t grow on trees. You need to invest time and hard work in order to be successful online. Your mind should always be in the state of mind that nothing happens overnight.

Apart from the content, inbound links should also be a priority. The links should also come from relevant sites. It would help if you can create a link exchange directory categorized depending on your key point and trade all your relevant links with other sites or blogs. If possible, try trading with those that are already highly ranked. Try obtaining inbound one way links as well. These sites advocate your link without you needing to return the favor.

3. Once your site or blog is already set-up, you now need to concentrate on getting traffic. Listed below are some popular and effective ways.

  • Write articles related to your content and submit them to various directories. You may insert the links anywhere within the article so long as it still sounds right. This also shows that you have wide knowledge in that field.
  • Commenting on blogs and posting on forums will also help a lot. In forums, you can attach your back links as signatures. Make sure your comments are relevant though.
  • Make use of free ad classifieds. For it to be successful, you need to do it regularly. Many will also grab the opportunity since it is free. In a short amount of time, your ads will be covered if you don’t re-post.

Following these steps will give you valuable back links as well as improve your site or blog’s exposure for when you are beginning SEO. Moderation is not advised as the more back links, the better exposure. Doing so will give you a decent amount of targeted traffic that will improve over time.

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